An Obama by any other name

Immediately after the election of our current president, Barack Hussein Obama II, the wingnuts went, well, nuts. Here’s a fantastically bizarre list of nicknames and slurs for our commander-in-chief, posted on Free Republic just after it became clear that Mssrs Obama and Biden had won an historic victory that evening.

It’s hard to pick a favorite between “Black Whiteguilt Oblack” and “Hussein ObamaMessiaHamas.”  The former packs powerful repetition, while the latter creatively rolls different faiths together with a single slur by naming Obama as Messiah for secular Obots, hoodwinked Christians and Hamas Muslims.

List from a comment in this Nov 4, 2008 thread “Obama will not be my President.”

  • Barry Hussein Obamisms
  • Obagasms
  • Obeyme
  • Obamination
  • Barack O’Possum
  • Saint of Hyde Park
  • St. Barack
  • Obamacons
  • Fauxbama
  • Messiah
  • Obambi
  • Hussein ObamaMessiaHamas
  • NObama
  • Barack, the pander bear
  • O’barmy
  • Ubingobangobongo
  • Obamaciples
  • Ego-bama
  • “The One,” (Oprah)
  • Black Whiteguilt Oblack
  • Obamajugend
  • Obama-Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong Dozens More »

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