The users of popular wingnut sites such as Free Republic and Democratic Underground communicate using a highly-developed argot refined over many years that may seem bewildering to the uninitiated. We present a growing list of terms and acronyms that you might encounter on FR or other wingnut websites.

FReeper, FRiend — user of Free Republic.

Libtards / Libturds — Liberals, left-wingers.

Muzzies — Muslims.

Obots, ∅bots, Obamabots — Obama supporters.

My son-in-law is an Obot. I’m sorry, that’s the kindest thing I can say. A specimen of his thinking is this: He likes Barack Obama because Hillary is just too white.

This is a mid-twenties, delayed adolescent, MTV-impaired, drug-taking, hung-over, well-meaning, ne’er-do-well liberal kid, who is certainly not a racist — except against his own race, which is just fine by the Left. A white guy sneering at whitey just proves how cool you are. And Barack Obama is his hero because he’s black, and Obama’s a slick hustler, and well, he’s just so cool. Ya know?
“March of the Obots”, American Thinker, August 11, 2008

Rats — Democrats.

RINO — Republican In Name Only. An epithet hurled at any GOP politician not conservative enough for opinion-makers such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or Sarah Palin, as exemplified in NY-23.

“Purge the RINOs! Impeach the Kenyan! Dump the Socialists! Restore the Constitution! God save the Republic!” rabscuttle385

Wookie — listed as a racist slur on RSDB, used on FR in particular when referring to the Obamas. As a ridiculous science fiction movie reference, it is employed to evade censorship of more common slurs by site administrators or charges of overt racism. On FR, the term has lately been used most frequently in reference to Michelle Obama: since June 2009, a score of articles, primarily links to media coverage about her physical appearance (HuffPost, ABC, NYT), have been tagged with “wookie”.

It would be so funny if Obama cheated on the wookie wife with a white girl!

Talk about punging poll numbers then ! lol
TexasFreeper2009, Barack Obama ‘takes tips’ from Tiger Woods (Featured on Cover of Golf Digest)