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Drinking kool-aid while killing Osama

Not clear what this image means, but its author seems upset that Obama got Osama. (found on FR here)

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Altered photo proves that photo has been altered

This person is crazy. That is all! (found via this FR thread)

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Push them down the stairs

Not much to say about this image, except that it seems some wingnuts enjoy fantasies of seriously harming liberals. A TinEye search reveals that the word “Liberals” was photoshopped over “Some people”, which I imagine would make a fitting bumper sticker to go next to that decal of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes urinating on […]

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Chris Matthews loves Kool-Aid, Jack Daniels

Chris Matthews Wingnut Image

The wingnuts hate Chris Matthews, because he’s a “certified B.O. nut” (an ACORN reference?). Too bad this photo doesn’t include his legs; I’d be very curious to see how they’d add an Obama-induced shiver. The minicollage in the bottom left notably packs the most idea density, conveying, roughly, that once you drink the Kool-Aid, you […]

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Defibrillating Marx and the Constitution

While Obama seems to be having luck reanimating the corpse of Karl Marx below, obstetrician Ron Paul should really know better than to try and defibrillate a rare historical document. (both from the completely crazy, paranoid, Holocaust-denying Dees Illustration Studio)

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Wingnuts think Obama is “Tha Carter II”

Several things are going on in this image, all of them awful. I suppose the Photoshopped “RSSR” stands for Russian Soviet Socialist Republic? found via “Jimmy Carter: Unrest in Egypt ‘earth-shaking’” on Free Republic As a bonus, here’s another Carter-related wingnut image:

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Emperor Obama Palpatine

It is often said that history repeats itself, even if it happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… (via

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Merry Xmas from Wingnut-land

Wingnut Obama Christmas Card

The Obama socialist Christmas tree decoration program has the wingnuts up in arms about Yule balls. This year, the White House enlisted schools and community groups across the country to help collage balls for their Christmas tree. As a result, objectionable and degenerate art images — such as Andy Warhol’s painting of Mao, Mt. Rushmore […]

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Obama as Adolf “The Joker” Hitler

There are so many elements at play here that it’s hard to know where to start. The Joker makeup and Hitler mustache produce a vexing mixed metaphor. And why is Michelle flying a tiny plane? Don’t miss the tiny “666” forearm tattoo, and on the watch face a picture of … Rasputin? John Barrymore as […]

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Sarah “Warrior Princess” Palin

Sarah Palin’s face has been superimposed atop many bodies before, but none so artfully done as this one. [Spotted on FR either here or here]

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