Good and bad wishes for Rush

Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital this afternoon in Hawaii, which has right- and left-wingnuts alternately concerned and excited. We bring you selected prayers and death wishes.

Freepers are praying for his swift recovery on this thread, which just topped 1000 comments:

Somebody needs to make a list of everyone who has had contact with Rush in the past several days.

Hope his doctors are republicans.

I pray for Rush every day. Extra prayers will be said for his quick recovery.

PLEASE GOD PLEASE MAKE SURE RUSH IS OK. I absolutely adore him. Please God let him be Ok. This is stunning news. First I had no idea he was even in Hawaii, then I hear this..Please Lord protect Rush Limbaugh.

Why the hell would he go to Hawaii with vermin being there at the same time???

No lie, the single most important man in America right now is Rush Limbaugh, because of the clarity he brings to the state of American politics. I do not know what I would do without him. There is no close second.

Just turned on FNC. They are running a RERUN of Hannity! They’ve GOT TO BE KIDDING! They should run a 24/7 prayer vigil until he recovers. This is so upsetting – I know I’ll be up praying all night. Father, in the Name of Jesus, please restore Rush’s health completely. He is the most powerful voice of conservatism our country has to offer, and his voice is critical in helping restore our country to the values upon which it was founded. By your wounds we were healed! I ask in faith, in the Name of Jesus.

If anyone with ties to Obama has had contact with Rush, I want them investigated. 0bama probably had somebody slip something in his ice tea. Wouldn’t put it past these commie bastards who are running and ruining our country. Who is the biggest voice in America rightfully slamming obama at every turn, every move to 20 mil Americans Mon-Fri. Who is 0bamas biggest thorn in his side. Who would 0bama want to “go away” the most on “our” side? How’s that hope and change working out? Get better Rush. Without you we’re f’ed.

Prayers up… I wouldn’t put anything past the leftist slimes either though.

I’m almost in tears right now.

You’re thinking what I’m thinking—Rahm Emanuel, the Terminator. I hope Rush knows enough not to order up room service while Obama and his gangsters are anywhere in the vicinity.

Prayers. I bet Nancy Pelosi did this. Poisoned a cigar or something.

I don’t trust Hawaii to take care of him. This state is a disease – I know having lived there for 10 years. I wish it had never become a state. They hate us.

Meanwhile, liberals are tweeting in glee [HT race42008]:

Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital in Honolulu. Maybe Santa did get my letter.


I was scared of another death this year til I heard Rush Limbaugh was in the hospital. Come on 2009; don’t fail me now<omg

Ruch Limbaugh hospitalized with chest pains. Let’s all hope he dies.

YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS! RT @cnnbrk Radio host Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a Honolulu hospital with chest pains.

Rush Limbaugh in serious condition in the hospital? Oh happy day! Are they sure he didn’t just ingest too much hillbilly heroin?

So Rush Limbaugh in the hospital? If he dies, 2009 won’t be so bad after all #JustSayin

Rush Limbaugh rushed to the hospital? Are the Death Panels in place yet?

Rush Limbaugh had a heart attack?!?! Its a late birthday present!!!!!!

Rush Limbaugh, say hello to LUCIFER when you get there my friend

Is Rush Limbaugh terminally sick? Yippee

Smite Rush Limbaugh in 2009!

This just in, Rush Limbaugh hospitalized. How much you want to bet the words “hookers” and “blow” aren’t too far behind?

i now heard this rush guy is an asshole,Rush Limbaugh,i hope you die in hell mother fucker! >:3

if rush Limbaugh dies ill let 09 slide on taking MJ


I hope RushLimbaugh is saved by a black homosexual doctor with a questionable immigration status.

The gist of that last tweet about Rush’s doctor was retweeted hundreds of times, leaving this tweeter confused:

Don’t understand tweets wishing RushLimbaugh has black doctor frm RL haters. Are they saying black doctors bad? Or that black doctors kill?

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