Glenn Beck keeping nuts up wingnights

Here’s one of the most amazing discussions on Free Republic in a while. Its original poster can’t sleep because he’s worrying too much about the state of the country, and finds that dozens of his fellow freepers are suffering from the same Obama/Beck-induced insomnia:

can you sleep
Posted on September 24, 2009 1:22:23 AM EDT

is there anyone else out there that feels something is so imminent, they cannot sleep. Maybe it’s the not knowing.Who would have ever believed in the USA

What follows is more than a hundred late-night comments revealing, completely un-self-consciously, their most paranoid fantasies and fears: of the new dual-purpose H1N1 quarantine / political re-education camps being built; worrying that noises in the night will turn out to be tanks rolling down the street bringing Obama’s Marxist takeover; speculation about UFOs watching us over Walla Walla, Washington; and several posts about how these troubles with insomnia began, interestingly enough, when they started watching Glenn Beck

Emphasis ours below.

“Ever since I started watching Glenn Beck have this sick feeling of real trouble for this country. I do have trouble sleeping along with other symptoms of stress. This whole thing is making me sick.”

“almost every frickin night since i started watching glenn 3 years ago on cnn. everything just started falling into place then in my gut. hard to get up and go on as if everyday….”

“I didn’t sleep well/much for 2 weeks after the election of this MARXIST USURPER. It hasn’t improved much since then….”

“I’m up and it’s 2 am. I’ve been in a funk ever since election night when my country died.  At least the one I’ve grown up in. We will have loads of enjoyable company in the re-education camps cause all of us will be there.”

“I sometimes feel like Harry Potter in the HP movies / books where he can TELL Voldemort is coming and no one will believe him. I often send information on to family and friends about the latest government take over of this or that but I’ve been labelled a kook.”

“Yes, with lots of this:
‘What’s that noise?’
‘I thought I heard something.’
I’m expecting tanks to roll any day now.”

“I haven’t slept peacefully since Bush left Washington.”

“I cannot go to slep before 5 or 6am. This started after the election. My wife thinks I am crazy, but now I know that there are a lot others like me. I am obsessed with news updates (politically speaking) and always wondering what is coming next. I am, I belive, almost in a state of depression which is causing me not to sleep.!”

“My 82 yr old mother has been having this problem. She has been getting worked up over the direction our country is going. She speaks a lot lately of her father (German immigrant) and how he was so patriotic and must be turning in his grave. What really pisses her off is that she does not get a response to the letters she writes to her elected representatives. Not e-mail but snail mail in cursive with perfect English. I tell her to keep it up, keeps the blood pumping. She does take a nap in the afternoon these days, but sets her alarm so she does not miss Beck @5pm

“Not only that (and now I’m joining the tin-foil hatters) but what about these H1N1 ‘camps’ some states are passing laws to provide? Imagine being dragged off there, away from family and all support ~ perfect set up for him to declare martial law.”

And here’s a breathtaking piece of prose by “WashStateGirl”:

“Its really really dark outside. Its midnight now on the west coast where I am. 3am on the East coast. Ghost time between midnight and 3am. Equinox time too. The days are getting shorter now and the Dark Times are right on our doorstep for many more months. Energy is leaving the world. I have just been outside walking the perimeter around my house. Watching and listening here in the canyon of hell. Things are quiet out there tonight. Almost too quiet. A cluster of trees hides me as I linger out on the point near the highway. No cars running. The stop lights in the distance flash their christmas colours just for themselves. A black cat appears next to me as I sit motionless on the tree. I am less than 2 feet from it but it does not know I am here. Quiet. It thinks it smells a human and it whips its nose around. Just then some crackhead looking creep in lowhanging bagger pants is coming up the street from the christmas lights on the other side of the street. The cat sees it coming. Maybe it thinks thats where the smell is coming from. We are both the same then. Dead quiet waiting for the bagger to move on but watching him intently. The bagger stops on the sidewalk and swats at his feet like something is biting him inside of his shoes. Move on sagger bagger, move on. He does. The cat leaves. I wait a bit and continue on the perimeter. Down by the river now. It was a hot day today in the 90s but now its cool at midnight except the river is still warm and smelling. You can smell every dead fish along its shore for a mile I think. That kind of humid dank river smell. Nothing. Everything is quiet. No unrelated body parts laying around causing me to stumble in the dark. The RV park downstream on the river a ways is quiet too. See? Everything is spooky quiet tonight. Too quiet. No explosions, no far off yelling and screaming, no meth labs blowing up and no coyotes yipping…

Binoculars to the sky now. UFO’s where are you? I know you are UP THERE… somewhere… watching me… nothing. DAMN. Just Venus. Venus is something I guess. The moon long ago set. Wait, is that light moving? Nope just a star. Not like a few weeks ago when that highly unusual object was doing 100 mile wide loops around eastern washington, from the eastern border all the way over to the airspace over walla walla some hundred miles away and back again. It got so small at the far end of its loop that it was almost gone in the binocs. But back it came, over and over and I swear one time when it was right over my house I saw 2 of them. Like it had split apart into 2 identical vehicles. A chevron shape and not much more. No fuselage. But tonight its even quiet in the heavens too…

So that my report. I came back inside to read FR. and low and behold here is a thread about what I was just thinking. SOMETHING BIG IS IMMINENT. I even wrote that same thing on a different forum just 2 days ago, like somewhere out there someone is planning or plotting to spring something on someone soon. Can’t put my finger on it. But I am being vigilant. Vigilance at all times. Everything seems quiet in the Pacific North West right now. Maybe I can sleep this morning. If I can stop trying to figure out this Glenn Beck thing that happened today. End of report. Bye. :)”

Read these comments, and over a hundred more about how THEY are coming to get US, at the original FR thread “can you sleep”.

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